Windows 8 and Office 2013


Windows 8


Microsoft’s latest incarnation of Windows, Windows 8, has finally arrived and soon to arrive is the next iteration of Office, Office 2013.

From what we have seen and know of Windows 8 we believe that is going to be great for everyone, although we don’t believe you need to rush out and upgrade everything to Windows 8 immediately.

What Windows 8 will do that no other operating system does is give you the same look, feel, apps and use no matter what device you have – be it PC, Laptop, TAB or Phone.

With Windows 8 you will be able to configure your Work or Home “Desk device” (PC or Laptop) to look and feel the same as your “Portable Device” (TAB or Phone), ie you will be able to configure the Icons or Tiles to be the same with the same applications, news feeds, information feeds, social media, folders, documents etc on all of these devices. Additionally you won’t need to learn 3 different ways (Windows – XP, Vista, or 7, Apple, Android etc) of doing the same thing, it will be exactly the same on all devices.

Another advantage of Windows 8 is that it will run full version of MS Office and enable you to have “crossover devices” ie devices that can be a Laptop when you need a Laptop and TAB when you need a TAB, here are some examples

Windows 8 Devices – Laptop or TAB or Both -|1338650|324A9F56F72C9E9C|A8F85DB2DB84BB103B006614AE161EBB&rid=D490929D4A29DA382CC3201C09566405

HP Elite pad – with docking station and Pen

 Samsung Smart PC Pro – Laptop or TAB – same device -


To learn more and Discover the full features of Windows 8 go here
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Want a new PC or Laptop but don’t want Windows 8 - If you purchase a PC or Laptop with Windows 8 there are downgrade rights so you are able to install Windows 7 if you prefer.

If you have purchased a Windows 7 PC or Laptop since, you are able to organise an upgrade to Windows 8, cost is $19.95. Details here or if you need help let us know and we will do for you.


MS Office 2013

Following on from the release of Windows 8 Microsoft will be releasing the next version of MS Office, MS Office 2013.

There is some limited availability of Office 2013 now, however Microsoft have not given an official release date for general availability.

Office 2013 comes packed with new features and enhancements, making it easier and better than before, see the new office here .

If you have purchase MS Office after 19th October 2012, and before 30th April 2013, you receive a free upgrade to the next version – details here . Clients on Professional and FlatLineIT Support Contract are able to have this upgrade installed for free, as part of the contract.


Any questions or you need more information on Windows 8 or Office 2013 dont hesitate to Contact us