KANTAN and KanPrint Managed Print Services


IT Trends are pleased to be able to offer Managed Print Services on a range of FujiXerox Printers.


A Managed Print environment is where you pay on a cents per page basis and someone else manages all the consumables for your printer.


KANTAN Print Solutions


KANTAN is Japanese for Easy and with our KANTAN Managed Print solution we make it Easy for you.

Our KANTAN Managed Print service is a service whereby we proactively manage all the consumable items for your printer ie Toner, Drums etc, ensuring that you are never unable to print because you need more toner or a drum etc.

We bill you on a monthly basis for the number of Black or Colour pages you use, not the number of Toners or Drums you purchase.

The price you pay is fixed for the term of the contract.



KanPrint - Fully Managed Printing


KanPrint as opposed to can’t Print.

Our KanPrint Fully Managed Print Solution is the only true fully managed print solution available.

How often are you unable to print? Out of paper, out of toner, need a drum etc? How much time and effort (therefore cost) is required to manage your printers and supplies?

KanPrint is our solution to this. With KanPrint we proactively manage your entire printing requirement.

For a fixed monthly fee we supply the Printer, Installation, Consumables (Tonor, Drums etc), Repairs and even PAPER!

The advantages of this over conventional printing are enormous and include:-

Minimal Printing Management – just time to replace toners, drums, paper etc.

Simplified billing and Ordering – one bill, one payment. NO ORDERING.

Simplified approval cycle– no requirement to have PO numbers raised approved and paid everytime you need a ream of paper or toner cartridge.

Never run out of supplies - we will ensure you have spare Paper, Drums, toner etc in your office ready for when they are needed you will never be unable to print because of insufficient supplies.

Fixed cost – smooth cashflow and no bill shock when you need to order several consumables at one time.

All you need do is Print, we supply and manage the rest.


KanPrint - Pricing Plans 


                            XS                  Small            Medium           Large                  XL


                         Month Usage         500                1,000             2,000              3,500               5,000

                         Mono                      P355d             P355d            P355d          3435DN             340A

                                                       Brochure        Brochure        Brochure       Brochure        Brochure

                         Colour                  CP305d           CP305d            CP305d          CP405d           CP405d

                         Multi-Function   CM305df      CM305df         CM305df       CM405df         CM405df

                                                        Brochure     Brochure         Brochure        Brochure        Brochure


                Small            Medium              Large                  XL

                         Month Usage           5,000              10,000             15,000            20,000

                         Mono                          340A               4620DN          4620DN         4620DN

                                                            Brochure         Brochure       Brochure        Brochure

                         Colour                        CP405d         QUBE 8870      QUBE 8870     QUBE 8870 

                         Multi-Function        CM405df       CM505da           CM505da       CM505da

                                                            Brochure        Brochure          Brochure        Brochure


Price Includes 

  • Printer
  • Initial Installation
  • Paper - including Freight
  • Consumables (Drums, Toner etc) - Including Freight
  • Servicing (repairs)

Options available 

  • Mono Print Only 
  • Large Fromat Printing - A3, A2, A1 and A0 Mono or Colour
  • Printer options e.g. additional bins, duplex, finisher units etc 
  • 2, 4, and 5 year terms  
  • Ongoing Support Plans

Terms & Conditions:-

  • Term - 36 Months
  • Printing based on 85% Black and 15% Colour pages
  • A3 Printing is considered 2 A4 pages. A3 paper not supplied, 2 A4 Pages substituted
  • Prices quoted EXCLUDE GST 
  • Over usage - calculated and billed 6 monthly 
  • Excess coverage charges may apply
  • Subject to FujiXerox Printer warranty T&C and Flexirent Lease T&C 
  • Excludes non-warranty repair costs and post installation support 
  • Early Termination charges may apply
  • Some courier charges for Paper deliveries outside Auckland may apply
  • Pricing, Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice

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