Disaster Recovery


"If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out" - Will Rogers




When we speak of a disaster most people think of fire, volcano, earthquake, weather related incidents, plane crash, tsunami etc.

In business,  a disaster can be one of a myriad of small or large problems that are in no way related to what we think a disaster is.

We at IT Trends usually think of disasters in terms of IT related disasters, ie problems or issues that directly affect your ability to use your IT equipment or access your data (server).

Our previous focus has been on offering Disaster Recovery solutions that are IT/Server focused, so that in the event of a server related disaster we are able to have you accessing your data and systems quickly, minimising lost data and disruption to the business.

Recent local “disasters” have made us look further than IT when it comes to business related disasters and look at all potential disasters in your business, we call it Disaster360.

Here are some local and not so local disasters that have happened recently that will have impacts to a large or small degree on some New Zealand businesses:-

  • Rena – What would be the impact if you had machinery, materials or components on this ship you needed for a major new contract.
  • Marmite – What would have happened if this was a key component in a food product you manufactured.
  • “Star Fish” Super Yacht Fire – imagine if you were about to, or just had, supplied items like engines or fittings that were specific to that boat. I doubt you would be paid on time by the builders. Yes insurance will probably pay, but when? Will you be able to cover the shortfall until then?
  • Thailand Floods – the region flooded in Thailand this time last year manufactures around 75% of the worlds supply of Hard Drives that go in computers.
  • Japan Tsunami – there was shortages of printer toner, cars, car parts and USB 3 PC/laptop component, to name a few, because of factory damage in this region.

With Disaster360 we take a 360o view of your business’ potential disasters, from the major and obvious (fire, earthquake, flood etc) to the not so obvious (key personnel, supply chain, customers, pests etc) and minor (power outage, internet outage, delivery van breakdowns etc) and provide you with a Disaster Risk Profile, specific to your business.

Once we have your Disaster Risk Profile and we have identified your specific potential disasters we can then assist with putting in place a full Disaster Recovery program with details and procedures to mitigate against these disasters, so then if, or when, they happen there are alternatives already in place to minimise the disruption, therefore cost, to your Business.


IT Disaster Recovery


IT Trends are able to offer 3 IT-based Critical Data Recovery solutions to enable you to quickl;y and easily recover from an IT related disaster. Our offerings are here - Read More





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