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Hosted E-Mail 


What is Hosted E-Mail

Hosted E-mail is where your E-mail is Hosted in the "Cloud" using Microsoft Exchange.

Hosted E-Mail enables organisations of all sizes to utilize the enterprise-class messaging, mobility, collaboration and group scheduling features offered by Microsoft Exchange Server without the need to purchase and maintain expensive infrastructure and licenses. Hosted Exchange is an attractive and affordable way to enable your team to work smarter and com-municate more effectively.

Hosted Exchange encompasses E-Mail, Contacts, Tasks and Calendar items.

Advantages of Hosted E-Mail

Some of the advantages of this over POPing Mail or hosting yourself are:-
• All Exchange features are available e.g. Out Of Office, Shared Mail and Calendars
• All your E-Mail is in one location and is up-to-date
• Daily Backup
• SPAM Filtering
• Access E-Mail from Multiple devices ie PC/Laptop, Phone, Tablet, Web
• Reduced cost over purchasing and maintain your own exchange server and licenses
• Regularly upgraded and maintained

Plan Options

Standard – Mailbox only, initial setup charged based on time & materials
Standard+ – Mailbox plus initial setup
Comprehensive – Mailbox, initial setup and ongoing maintenance
Complete – includes Mailbox, install, maintenance and all email related issues

Plan Terms

Mailbox Only — Access to a single hosted e-mail account
Initial setup — Encompasses the following:-
• Setup Mailboxes @ OneNet
• Alter MX record to point to OneNet
• Alter Email clients and upload existing emails
• Remove old mailboxes
Ongoing Maintenance — changes to your mail setting for user accounts.
Email Related issues — Phone, remote and onsite support for all email related is-sues

The Fine Print

Terms & Conditions:-

• Standard Term - 36 Months
• Prices quoted EXCLUDE GST
• Subject to OneNet Terms of Service.
• Early Termination charges may apply
• All accounts with IT Trends must remain within agreed credit terms.
• Pricing, Terms and Conditions subject to change without notice

Plans start from $11.95+GST/mth/mailbox

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Online Backup Solutions, with Disaster Recovery


For businesses looking for consistent, reliable and offsite backup, with generational management and disaster recovery coverage.

What would happen if your server failed and you needed to restore your data from your last backup. How confident are you that ALL your data was captured by that backup and that you can restore it without the loss of ANY data? How long has it been since you did a backup? Can you easily recreate all data that has been lost since the backup was taken?

IT Trends have created two cost effective Online Backup Solutions, with the added security of Disaster Recovery.

Our Online Backup Solutions give you superior data loss prevention, by enabling you to have backups undertaken during the day (without interruption to business) along with daily offsite, and the ability to easily go back to the files created in the last 12 months or longer.

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