Our Motto

Technology Solutions For Smart Businesses

Our Goal

To be a responsive, professional IT partner to small – medium businesses
by delivering quality, experience, integrity and professionalism in “plain English”, without excessive cost, thereby ensuring our clients have the same quality of hardware and professionalism of support that larger companies, with their own IT departments, have.

Our Cornerstones


Our History

IT Trends was formed in October 2013 by Managing Director Gordon Peel after engaging the services of ABTRON’s previous owner Mr Carey Duckmanton. ABTRON was formed in 1987 in order to fill a gap in the market where businesses need professional IT solutions but are not large enough to justify permanent staff. Employing Carey Duckmanton, an IT professional with more than 30 years’ experience, IT Trends Ltd understands the need for effective and efficient IT solutions that are economic for the small & medium business owner. As a further enhancement, IT Trends Ltd has the ability to provide professional business advice and input through the experience of both its’ Managing Director and associate consultants..

Our Job

We specialise in providing IT Infrastructure (PCs, laptops, servers, printers, software etc) to small - medium businesses. Whether they have only 1, or 100, PCs and laptops, we are here to make sure your IT systems are working for your business.

Hardware systems installed and supported by IT Trends personnel range from stand alone Micro PC systems to Local and Wide Area PC Networks using Microsoft Windows and Intel processors.

In most cases we provide "Turn Key" solutions and act as the "Primary Contractor" for an installation, where necessary co-ordinating sub-contractors to perform tasks not available in-house. This ensures our clients have only a single point of contact.

We provide a comprehensive range of support services, be it as required or support contracts, to enable clients to have the backup necessary throughout the amortized life of the solutions we provide.

Our Guarantee

IT Trends guarantees that any systems we install will perform to any specifications that we state. We also pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients are 100% satisfied with any work performed, or systems installed and supported, by IT Trends and its personnel.

Our Philosophy

IT Systems are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. IT is now critical to the successful running of your business, and as such you need reliable systems that make your staff productive.

Technology is the oxygen for any business, and like anything needing oxygen, if you starve it then it either dies or does not perform to its best.

Your business is completely reliant on your IT Systems and anything that impacts on the performance and reliability of these systems impacts 10 fold on your business.

At IT Trends we have a passion for IT and supply high quality, high performance, “industrial strength” IT Systems.

We believe that by “Doing the job properly the first time”, you will have less failures, improved productivity reduced overall cost, and consequently happy staff and clients.

If you have unreliable and underperforming IT Systems there is an enormous hidden cost to your business, your staff  are frustrated with the equipment (its performance and reliability), they can’t work (when it’s broken) or they are unproductive (when it’s too slow).

The current buzz word is PRODUCTIVITY, and we are constantly told that we must be more productive. Your IT Systems are the backbone of your business’s Productivity, and skimping in this area can substantially impact on the productivity and performance of your business, and consequently its Profitability.

We know that when you purchase substandard systems, although you might save a little on the purchase price, it will cost you substantially more, directly and indirectly, in the long run.

We don’t believe you should settle for mediocrity, or be short sighted, and by doing the job properly the first time and, even if it costs more, it will be more beneficial to you in the longer term.

Your business needs an IT Systems provider that delivers quality, experience, integrity and professionalism in “plain English”, without excessive cost (see what our Clients Say).

Its all Common Sense.


IT Trends is a GREEN BUSINESS and is committed to the responsible disposal of all old computer systems.

We will take your old computer and “Environmentally” Dispose of it via E-Day , Computer Recycling or other Recycling programs, where all possible components are recycled and disposal to landfill is minimised.

Internally we actively recycle all business waste and conserver power and resources wherever possible.




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